We’re back!


Hurrah! It has been an age since we were last in touch, but here’s the reason why we’ve been quiet lately.

We are now thrilled to announce our brand new, revamped, streamlined and thoroughly spit-and-polished Quirky Guide, full to the gunwales with new features and peculiarities from all over the world.

What’s different? Well, apart from a swish new design (thanks Alex!) and bigger, better photos, we are now showcasing your stories alongside those of the professionals. We’ve also got…

• Maps
• Video
• Advanced search
• Collections
• More social networking

Competitions, on-site reporting and iPhone app are also in the works, but more on that another day.

Gigantic thanks go to Andrew Skinner and the inexhaustible Alex Amelines for the long hours they spent tinkering with code, and to everyone else involved in the process: Ruth Banks for her voiceover and video editing, Nick Ryan for his soundwork, Johanne Stephenson for image research and all our fabulous contributors.


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