Your stories

Join in, and share your most bizarre travel adventures and misadventures with fellow travellers.

An Indian train toilet © Kyle Lease

You never forget your first?

Ross Morrison McGill describes a freak accident on an Indian train.

Lego Man! Driving safely in Puglia, Italy © Andrew Scott

A second Italian language

Andrew Scott learns to communicate, without words, in Italy.

Jenny with a koala © Jenny

Down and out, down under

A British girl in distress receives help from an unlikely source in Sydney.

Street Food in Bangkok © Erin Bourgois

Bangkok dangerous

Allen McAvoy’s run-in with some questionable street meat.

Running with a suitcase © John Paul Robinson

Seconds to spare

A tale of getting to the airport on time, by Kelly Dennett.

Scuba exploration © SteelCityHobbies on Flickr

Diving into the unknown

Andrew Cowen gets more of an expedition than he bargained for.

Brindisi © Rbrands on Flickr

Travelling takes its toll

Nazreen Fazal gets duped in Italy.

Bethelehem, Church of the Nativity © myheartinpalestineII

Postcard from Bethlehem

Lena Walton visits Bethlehem on Christmas Day, but a few zillion other people have the same idea.

Roundabout © John Reiser

Let’s go round again

Michael Delaney has a surreal road trip in Ireland.

Ghostly dancers © Tim Samoff

The Miners’ Club incident

Kathryn Johns has a fright in Skegness.


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