Travelling takes its toll

Brindisi © Rbrands on Flickr

Last year my family set out on a road-trip intending to cover the main cities of Italy. We started from Brindisi (where my dad works) to Rome. The drive was a unique experience, and the scenery was so different from back home in India.

Everything was all nice and rosy till we reached the first toll booth on the drive. Being accustomed to the ‘Indian toll system’ (joking, nothing there is a ‘system’ like that), we were not alarmed when we saw a man standing at the toll gate. We automatically presumed that he was the toll guy.

The toll was 15 Euro. My dad rolled down the window and handed him a crisp 50 Euro note. The man left indicating that he needed to get change. We waited. And Waited. And waited some more. Finally the cars behind us started honking and the guy behind us got out and came to us. In broken English he explained to us what we knew and yet were scared to admit to ourselves – we had been royally duped. However, this experience was a sort of eye-opener, so we were more careful in Rome. Maybe it saved us from the some bigger scams – poorer but wiser!

Written by - Edited by Antony Barton - Photo by RBrands

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