Let’s go round again

Roundabout © John Reiser

Some years ago, my family and I were in Ireland, visiting a friend of the family. It was late at night and I sat in the back seat of the rental car, watching the countryside pass.

It was a long journey and even with the beautiful Irish scenery, lengthy road trips can be boring. With that in mind, we had come prepared with a CD full of great songs to accompany the great sights and the first song was the appropriate ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver.

With the soft melodic vocals, the calming landscape and the twelve waking hours of travel already behind us, it is unsurprising that I may have dozed off for a little while. When I woke again, we were still on the road and the view was somewhat obscured by darkness.

The CD was still playing, the songs selected at random, and now I found myself rubbing my tired eyes to ‘Nightblindness’ by David Gray. Admittedly I missed the appropriate nature of this song until it ended, only to be followed by Roy Orbison’s ‘I Drove All Night’.

Little did I know, the strangeness wasn’t yet finished. A dozen or so songs played after that as midnight approached and we found ourselves nearing our destination.

We were in a suburban area not far from the house we would be staying at when we came upon a set of roundabouts. There were perhaps three in close proximity, though they seemed to be far more numerous at the time. At this point, my father had such trouble with the directions that we proceeded to make several U-turns and spent a considerable amount of time circling the roundabout while my mother attempted to discern the correct turn-off.

We stayed on one roundabout so long, I’m surprised we weren’t all dizzy afterwards. And what song happened to play at that moment? ‘Let’s Go Round Again’ by Average White Band, of course.

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by John Reiser

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