Garlic beer, Finland

Garlics  © Alisson Jordan

A friend recommended me the weirdest (but wonderful) restaurant in Helsinki: Kynsilaukka Ravintola Garlic, which offers complete menu based on garlic. I expected to find the usual savoury garlic dishes, you know… prawns, beef, seafood, etc.

But then I realised that was just the top of the iceberg. They have garlic-flavoured beer, garlic ice-cream, garlic jam and even garlic chocolate mousse! They tell the truth when they say everything has garlic. It all sounds awful, I know but we were surprised by how delicious garlic desserts were.

Me and my wife went home well fed, amused and happy to have been vampire-proofed for years to come!

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by Alisson Jordan

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