Everyone gets their own private 'room' at the Francis Tea Rooms in Scarborough © Francis Tea Rooms

Francis Tea Rooms, England

The 1930s hairdressers-turned-café where you get your own private room.

A multicoloured mouthful at cereal restaurant Cereality, in Virginia © Bob Page

Cereal restaurant, USA

Waiters in pyjamas, squashy sofas, cartoons on the box and hundreds of cereal concoctions.

One of Inamo's digital tables, Wardour St, London © Inamo

Inamo Restaurant, London

Order food, set the mood and even book a taxi home with nothing but a flex of your finger…

Bel Canto Restaurant near l'Hotel de Ville in Paris ©

Bel Canto Restaurant, Paris

Opera singers double as waiting staff in this glamorous eatery.

Cafe Irie © Claire Potter

Cafe Irie, England

Walking into this café feels a bit like you’ve tripped up and fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Ninja Restaurant, Tribeca, New York © Paul???

Ninja, New York

A ninja-themed restaurant. We only wonder what grisly end awaits people who don’t pay up…

Reptile Cafe, Yokohama, Japan © Globetoppers

Reptile café, Japan

‘And would you care for a snake with your tea, Sir?’

Sarastro operatic restaurant, Drury Lane, London

Sarastro operatic restaurant, London

Singing waiters, an orgy of operatic props, gold, tassels and some rather risqué murals.

Baby bottle at Le Refuge des Fondues, Paris © Reefdog

Le Refuge des Fondues, Paris

A restaurant where wine is served in baby bottles, and guests can scribble graffiti onto the walls.

The Gay Hussar Restaurant, Greek St, London

The Gay Hussar, London

London’s 50-year-old Hungarian restaurant is as well known for its resident caricaturist as it is for its goulash.


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