Brennan's famous flambéed bananas being cooked, New Orleans © Marie Peyre

Breakfast at Brennan’s, New Orleans

A New Orleans institution serving famously exhaustive three-course breakfasts, and practically setting the roof alight with its signature flambéed bananas.

Jane's Place, the Cotswolds © Claire Potter

Jane’s Place, England

A perfect antidote to the manicured gardens and twee tea shops of the Cotswolds.

DS Restaurant and Bar in Taipei, Taiwan @ DS

Hospital Café-Bar, Taipei

Drink cocktails from IV bags, test tubes or have them squirted into your mouth from syringes by uniformed nurses.


Moto, Chicago

Molecular gastronomy may not be new, but the bonkers creations of celebrity chef Homaro Cantu never fail to surprise.


Tree pod dining, Thailand

Get hoisted up into the treetops, and wait for ‘flying’ waiters to bring your food.


Heladería Coromoto, Venezuela

Roughly 863 different flavours of ice-cream available in one single shop.

Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Do you have a craving for a panini and some poetry all at the same time?

Vampire Cafe, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan © HAMACHI!

Vampire Cafe, Japan

Seems it’s not enough that blood-suckers are taking over popular culture, now they need their own bleedin’ restaurant too.

Beijing's penis restaurant, Guo Li Zhuang, serves all manner of animal penis' and testicles, including bull, goat, dog, seal and sheep ©

Penis restaurant, Beijing

The horse’s is light and fatty, the yak’s is crunchy and the Canadian seal’s has to be ordered in advance. Apparently.

Birds in the garden cafe of the Grand Mosque of Paris © zingaro

La Mosquée, Paris

Sip mint tea and share North African pastries with the birds in Paris’ Grand Mosque.


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