Wine ice-cream parlour, Argentina

Photo © slgckgc

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Vanilla, chocolate and fruity sorbets are popular choices, but in Cafayate, Argentina the ice-cream parlour Helados Miranda gets the crowds in for their locally-made wine ice cream.

Cafayate, which lies in the heart of the Salta region, is famed for its abundant vineyards and wine-making as well as its spectacular, surrounding scenery of brightly coloured rock formations and waterfalls. But, for a truly unique culinary experience, tourists flock to sample the Torrontés (white wine) and Cabernet (red wine) ice-cream.

Produced from local grapes, it certainly is a novel and refreshing way to sample the local specialities. A ‘fruitful’ experience indeed!

Written by - Photo by slgckgc

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