Tiroler Hut, London

Tiroler Hut Restaurant, an Austrian-themed madhouse in Westbourne Grove, London © Higgott

Waitresses squeeze between tables in frilly blouses, lace-up bodices and aprons. Waiters pop in and out in lederhosen and feathered caps. Austrian kitsch lines the walls, tacky false windows are filled with Alpine scenes and an overall sense of log-cabin-cosiness prevails.

What’s not to like so far about this quirky little Tyrolean restaurant in London’s Westbourne Grove? But charming as that all is, it’s not the main reason why this has been London’s favourite Austrian restaurant for 45 years. Neither is the menu of schnitzel, sauerkraut and goulash its main draw – tasty though the food is.

No, the unique bonhomie and entertainment is the key to the Tiroler Hut’s appeal. Expect a little light yodelling, a lot of Sound of Music classics, accordion playing, a singing goat (!) and – best of all – the ‘extreme cow bell ringing’.

Written by - Photo by Higgott

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