The Gay Hussar, London

The Gay Hussar Restaurant, Greek St, London

London’s only Hungarian restaurant is a very quirky spot. Writers and politicians favour it, and when you step inside you learn why. This small, non-descript eatery is out of the prying eyes of the press and the pesky general public, but no one of note is safe from their resident caricaturist.

The walls are blanketed with framed artwork depicting famous patrons in a non-too-favourable light. Another wall is adorned with first editions of political works.

The food, as you might guess, is traditional Hungarian, with goulash and stuffed cabbage galore. But there are plenty more options for the not-so-adventurous.

Whether rediscovering the Hungarian branch of your family tree, or just looking for somewhere different to go – The Gay Hussar is a great choice.

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by The Gay Hussar

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