Shopsins Restaurant, New York

Shopsins Restaurant, Essex St Market, Manhattan, New York © World to Table

Thin-skinned? Sensitive to swearing? Then steer well clear of this legendary Essex Street Market restaurant. It’s famous for its astonishingly foul-mouthed chef and owner, Kenny Shopsin, and his close family.

To say Kenny’s opinionated, is like saying a hurricane is a bit breezy. In fact, his suffer-no-fools philosophies and extreme touchiness were even documented in a film, I Like Killing Flies, in 2004.

If you want to eat here, then be prepared to adhere to some pretty obscure rules. For example, parties of more than four people are promptly ejected. Don’t photograph the boss or dither over your choices, either, or you’ll be treated to a dressing down and quite probably be turfed out anyway.

But brave all the pitfalls of Shopsins, and you’ll be rewarded with a constantly changing menu of an incredible 800+ dishes.

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by World to Table

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