Sarastro operatic restaurant, London

Sarastro operatic restaurant, Drury Lane, London

If the Phantom of the Opera were real, he would happily eat here at this lavish operatic restaurant, hidden behind the swathes of heavy velvet drapery and theatrical props.

Situated on Drury Lane in the heart of London’s theatre district, Sarastro is divided between ten opera-style balcony boxes (including a ‘royal box’), reached by winding staircases, which overlook the lower restaurant.

Chandeliers, ornaments, tassels, puppets and murals clamour for attention, and there isn’t a pastel shade to be seen among the deep reds, greens, purples and frenzy of gold.

Singers from the Royal Opera House and English National Opera masquerade as waiters here on Sundays and Mondays, performing well-loved arias. In contrast, Thursdays are dedicated to Swing and Motown, and Fridays and Saturdays see a Hungarian gipsy band play.

The Mediterranean menu is probably the least extravagant feature of the restaurant, but that too is presented with panache.

If you need any more quirkiness, take a peek in the bathrooms, which are decorated with some rather, erm…adult murals.

Written by - Photo by Sarastro Restaurant

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