Penis restaurant, Beijing

Beijing's penis restaurant, Guo Li Zhuang, serves all manner of animal penis' and testicles, including bull, goat, dog, seal and sheep ©

The horse’s is light and fatty, the yak’s is crunchy and the Canadian seal’s has to be ordered in advance.

At the Guo Li Zhuang restaurant you can eat dishes made from the penises – and testicles – of almost every animal you can think of. You could, for example, go for donkey (sliced lengthwise), goat (skewered in soy sauce), water buffalo (cooked in tea leaves) or good old dog (the only one with a bone).

The atmosphere, however, is far from bawdy. The décor is classy –  complete with underfloor stream – and the waiting staff are trained nutritionists. They’ll advise you on the medicinal benefits of different animals’ dangly bits: Improved complexion, improved circulation, improved kidney function…though most customers are here to improve their performance in the bedroom.

Beginners are usually directed to the hotpot: Six types of penis and four types of testicle floating in a chicken stock. Yum!

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