Ninja, New York

Ninja Restaurant, Tribeca, New York © Paul???

Better watch your back in this dark Japanese eatery in Tribeca. There are stealthy black-clad ninjas lurking around every corner, eerie lantern-lit lanes, a drawbridge, snug private ‘houses’ and a Japanese garden in which to eat.

Trained ninjas serve the food here, as well as entertaining guests with magic and knife tricks. They also have a nasty habit of dropping from the roof when you least expect it. Even the dishes are dramatic, with many arriving in flames or in a thick cloud of smoke.

So visit to Ninja is just as much about keeping your nerve as it is the food. Nevertheless for a themed restaurant, the mostly Japanese menu is exceptionally good. And you can quite imagine the chefs tossing carrots up in the air and slicing them into ribbons, or creeping up on unsuspecting roasts with daggers drawn.

We just wonder – what grisly end awaits the punters who don’t pay up?

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by Paul

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