Hobbit House, Manila

Photo © Hobbit House Manila

Inspired by the works of JRR Tolkein, this popular Manila hangout is staffed entirely by ‘little people’. Advertised with the slogan “the smallest waiters in the world”, the bar welcomes hundreds of eager gawkers every year who are keen to get their pictures taken with the Hobbitesque waiters.

Yet, the Hobbit House is more than just a tourist trap. Set up in 1974 by former Peace Corps volunteer Jim Turner, it’s now a popular hangout with expats and locals who enjoy live music and an overwhelming choice of spirits and beer.

The place has been praised in the Philippine Star for its ‘priceless ambience’ and is a word-of-mouth favourite among travellers. Worth a visit as much for its big, friendly welcome as for its small, long-suffering staff.

Written by - Photo by Hobbit House Manila

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