Heladería Coromoto, Venezuela


Almost 900 different flavours of ice-cream available in one single shop? With 60 for sale on any given day. Now that’s a place we’d like to visit!

Heladería Coromoto is a legendary ice-cream shop located in Mérida, Venezuela. Originally set up in 1980 by ice-cream pro Manuel da Silva Oliveira, the shop is famous for its unusual flavours, from the signature avocado flavour to inspired combinations of chilli, black bean, plantain, wine, spirits, cheeses, beef and of course all manner of tropical fruits, honeys and nuts.

It boasts the world’s longest-list of flavours according to Guinness World Records, and it has some of the most imaginative names for them too. Anyone for a ‘British Airways’?

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by Ornitholoco/Andy Jones

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