Dans le Noir, London


This restaurant is dark. Really dark. Not mood-lit with candles dark, but absolutely 100% pitch black. Shrouded in total darkness and staffed by blind waiters, Dans le Noir offers diners much more than just food.

Choose from a selection of ‘surprise’ menus – specifying your preference for fish, meat or veggies – and find your meal transformed into an elaborate sensory adventure, where smell, taste and touch are challenged to decipher the mystery dishes.

An extra pleasure for the less well-mannered is that no one will know if you used your fingers, spilled your wine, or spoke with your mouth full! Diners may, however, be relieved to hear that the toilets are lit.

Dans le Noir is located at 30-31 Clerkenwell Green in central London.

Written by - Photo by Alex Amelines

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