Cereal restaurant, USA

A multicoloured mouthful at cereal restaurant Cereality, in Virginia © Bob Page

Cereal: Something you gobble down a bowl of in the morning, or eat straight from the box when you’ve starving, right? Not anymore.

Cereality is the world’s first cereal restaurant chain where Special K and Coco Puffs have been elevated to a proper, deluxe, sit-down meal for any time of the day.

The menu offers hundreds of different cereal concoctions. You choose two cereals, a topping, and then add as much milk as you like. How about Cheerios and Raisin Bran with chocolate chips? Or Mini Wheats and Fruit Loops with a sprinkling of coconut?

The living-room-style restaurants have sofas and TVs, and the staff – known seriously as “cereologists” – are all in pyjamas.

It’s a concept that reflects your inner child, say the owners.

There are three branches across the US, in Dallas, Virginia and West Virginia. The latter is mapped below, and more details are available on the website.

Written by - Photo by Bob Page

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