Breakfast at Brennan’s, New Orleans

Ever heard of a restaurant that served a three-course breakfast menu? With assorted table setting (three sets of cutlery, as many glasses, white tablecloths, the works), and a matching cocktail and wine list, served from 9am? Of waiters so jovial you felt like giving them a big hug as you handed them the bill (and a most deserved tip) at the end of your meal?

Right. What about a chef who with each order proceeds to flambe the restaurant’s signature dish tableside, with flames reaching up to the ceiling (literally), much to the delight of patrons. Welcome to Brennan’s! Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, a local, a tourist or a visiting celebrity, you will be hard-pressed not to love this place, a New Orleans institution that so perfectly embodies the spirit of the Big Easy.

Try the restaurant´s famous turtle soup to start, followed by one of several original egg dishes and a brandy milk punch maybe, but whatever you order make sure you leave room for Brennan’s much loved Bananas Foster (prepared in the way described above). Sit down and enjoy a wonderfully old-fashioned, leisurely breakfast you will not forget in a hurry.

Written by - Photo by Marie Peyre & Brennan's

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