Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Anything with your cappaccino sir? Chocolate sprinkles? A slice of lemon cake? Or how about The complete poems, songs and ballads of Robert Burns?

Books and Beans in Aberdeen is a charming, higgledy-piggledy combination of cafe and second-hand bookshop. With tables dotted amongst the tall bookshelves of 15,000 titles, the sensation is a little like eating in a library.

You could sit in the poetry and literary criticism section – a snug little back room – with a chicken tikka, lime and coriander mayo sandwich and a side serving of Oscar Wilde. Or if that’s too difficult to digest, how about a dip into Stephen King and a bowl of spicy parsnip soup next to the thrillers?

While the books will satisfy all tastes, the food is a feast for the eyes: Fresh, home-made, hearty, healthy breakfasts and lunches and some rather quirky drinks. Try a fluffy, a funcy or a cheekyccino – which, according to the menu, is from the Latin word acheekywee meaning ‘small bit’.

Just be careful not to splash it on the antiques and collectibles.

Written by - Photo by Books and Beans

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