Shubenacadie rafting and mud-sliding, Canada

Photo © Marcin Grabski

Rafting this massive tidal bore is easy. Getting the mud out of your ears might take time.

Nova Scotia is known as Canada’s Ocean Playground thanks largely to the Bay of Fundy. With the highest tides in the world, this section of the Atlantic makes for prime rafting rapids twice a day as salt water is forced up the Shubenacadie River. As unpredictable as nature itself, the tidal bore leading the rumble can be a slight wave or a 10-foot wall of water.

For the complete experience, book with a tour company that gets down and dirty. Tidal Bore Rafting includes mud-sliding down the steep, mucky riverside banks in their tours. Bring a change of clothes. Nature’s version of a splash pool and sandbox is not just for kids.

Written by - Photo by Marcin Grabski

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