Schwarzenegger Museum, Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, in Thal, Graz, Styria, Austria

All the information you’ve ever craved about the former Californian ‘Governator’, bodybuilder, prolific film star, serial philanderer and now 64-year-old is now found under one roof.

The world’s first and only Arnold Schwarzenegger museum opened on July 30 2011 in Arnie’s first family home in Thal, Graz, Styria.

It includes his childhood bed, photos of him as a weedy little kid, his very first set of weights, right through to the desk he used during his term of office in California and a series of bulging waxworks of his famous roles to scare small children.

The man himself has visited and approved the exhibit, and will return for the official launch in the autumn.

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