Cine Dore, Madrid © Kelly Dennett

Cine Dore, Madrid

This gorgeous little modernist cinema screens quirky old films from the adjoining national film library.

The Hiking or Rambling Catedral, aka Catedral de Senderismo, Alicante, Spain © Kat Stan

The rambling cathedral, Spain

If you prefer to be outside and active rather than visiting dusty old cathedrals, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Yunessun Spa Resort Wine Bath, Japan © Horschmology

Bathe in wine, Japan

Bathing in water is so last year. Why not immerse yourself in a warm tub of red wine, coffee, sake, green tea or even…noodles?

Whistling Sands Beach, Porth Oer, Wales @ Chuckstar76

Whistling Sands, Wales

There’s some spooky magic in the sands of this remote little cove near Aberdaron.

Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, Paris

Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Shakespeare and Company bookshop is one of those romantic and quirky gems one hopes to find in Paris.

Choccywoccydoodah Chocolate Shop, Brighton © Choccywoccydoodah

Choccywoccy- doodah, England

On a quirky backstreet lane in Brighton there is a small shop where choc-a-holics go to die.

The A-348 road in La Alpujarra, Andalucía, Spain © Rachel Webb

La Alpujarra roads, Spain

Some of the twistiest, curviest and loveliest roads around.

Highgate West Cemetery © Ross M McGill

Highgate Cemetery, London

Gigantic, gothic and overgrown, Highgate is the most famous cemetery in England. And some say, it’s the quirkiest too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, in Thal, Graz, Styria, Austria

Schwarzenegger Museum, Austria

All the insight you’ve ever craved into the weedy kid turned bodybuilder, film star, serial philanderer, ‘Governator’ and now 64-year-old.

`s Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany © 's Baggers

‘s Baggers, Germany

Who needs waiters when you’ve got electronic ordering pads and coiled ceiling tracks to convey food?


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