Gnome Reserve, North Devon © David Masters

Gnome Reserve, Devon

Which British town has the most garden gnomes? We’re betting this one.

Bern Bear Park, or Baerenpark ©

Bern Bear Park, Switzerland

Meet Björk and her bear buddies in Bern’s unique riverside park.

Bonk Museum, Finland © Marie Peyre

The Bonk Museum, Finland

You might be forgiven for believing the Finns have gone completely bonkers with this wacky museum.

Footdee, Scotland © Claire Potter

Footdee, Scotland

Wedged between the hard grey granite of Aberdeen city centre and the steely-blue harshness of the North sea, Footdee is like a hippy haven dropped from space.

Perky's Bat Tower © Marie Peyre

Perky’s Bat Tower, Florida

A tragicomic tale of a fisherman, mosquitoes and some very fickle bats lies behind this curious looking construction on Sugarloaf Key.

Leprosy Museum, Bergen © Marie Peyre

Leprosy Museum, Bergen

Europe’s best-preserved leprosy hospital is a creepy but fascinating spot, filled with unexpected discoveries.

Forbidden Corner, Yorkshire @ *Pete

The Forbidden Corner, England

A magical, surreal, Victorian garden that’ll leave you wondering if someone dropped a tab of acid in your coffee this morning.

Key West Cemetery, Florida @ Marie Peyre

Key West Cemetery, Florida

An above-ground cemetery with many an unusual tale to tell.

Hoggle, who was found in some unclaimed luggage and now lives in the unclaimed baggage center, Alabama © Sisterbeer

Unclaimed Baggage Center, USA

Fancy buying a wedding dress, a 1930s French newspaper and some vacuum-packed frogs today?

Wakefield's Museum of Mental Health has a padded cell from the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum © juliez_pics

Museum of Mental Health, England

Feeling jittery? Best avoid this creepy collection from Wakefield’s notorious asylum then.