Whistling Sands, Wales

Whistling Sands Beach, Porth Oer, Wales @ Chuckstar76

Putting a new slant on whistling, all you need to do on this small remote beach in the Llyn Peninsular in Wales is walk.

Known as Porth Oer in Welsh, the name Whistling Sands in English comes from the sound made when the particles are compressed together. Just walk, slide, stamp, shuffle or run and you’ll be whistling away.

The sound is due to the unique shape and composition of sand particles here. Although singing or whistling sand has been reported elsewhere, this is one of the very best places in Europe to experience it.

Surfers love it here too when there’s a south-easterly wind and a south-westerly swell at high tide.

So whistle and surf along with seals in on this National Trust owned beach in North Wales.

Written by - Photo by Chuckstar76

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