Upside-down house, Germany

Photo © Pascal Willuhn

Quite why anybody would want to glue a 100lb wardrobe complete with mirror to the ceiling and then stroll around below without a crash helmet we’re not sure. However, there must be some appeal to it, as a new entirely upside-down house has just opened its door to the public in Germany.

The family-sized house was designed by two Polish partners and built on the grounds of a zoo on the northern German island of Usedom. It stands on a pointed roof, which is supported by steel beams, and every room inside is faithfully recreated in all its upended glory: shower, bed-linen, carpets and cutlery included.

The project was inspired by other topsy turvy houses in America and Spain, but this is the first to have flipped its entire contents. But if you’re thinking of visiting, consider taking a travel-sickness tablet before entering.

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