Tuhala Witches’ Well, Estonia

Photo © Ave Maria Mõistlik

Now and then the witches of Tuhala in northern Estonia enjoy unwinding in an underground sauna and lashing each other with birch branches, oblivious to the watery tumult created overhead. Or so legend has it.

The Witches’ Well here has been known to churn thousands of litres of water into the surrounding marshland for days at a time, a phenomenon that typically occurs during the heavy spring thaw when the swollen underground river network erupts.
The 2.5m-deep well usually looks perfectly ordinary, but when it comes to life the adjacent land teems with nature lovers.

Don’t miss out on a chance to chat to the locals. If you think subterranean witchcraft is unusual then wait until you hear about the burning, flying demons that circumnavigate the town.

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