The Forbidden Corner, England

A visit here will delight, bewilder, excite, startle, enchant and disorientate you…and generally leave you wondering if someone dropped a tab of LSD in your coffee this morning.

Hidden in the Yorkshire dales, The Forbidden Corner is a four-acre Victorian garden full of delicious surprises, secrets and tricks. Designed originally as a private folly for its owner, it is now open for everyone to explore and enjoy.

Enter a world of woodland paths and wooden doors that lead nowhere (or somewhere), stepping stones and shrinking tunnels, underground labyrinths and revolving floors, squirting statues and pop-up fountains, crying swans and giant cats, gates that open in unexpected ways and enticing glimpses of places you don’t know how to reach.

And just when you think it’s all over and you’ve seen everything there is to see, you discover another gate, another path…

Just make sure you’re out by 6pm closing or you’re in for one weird night!

Written by - Photo by Steve Fleischer & *Pete

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