The Bonk Museum, Finland

Bonk Museum, Finland © Marie Peyre

You might be forgiven for believing the Finns have gone completely bonkers with that one, but there is more than meets the eye at this wacky museum in Uusikaupunki.

Created by Finnish artist and sculptor Alvar Gullichsen, the Bonk Museum tells the story of industrial innovation by a Finnish dynasty and their unique empire – a global industrial conglomerate with some 13,000 employees in 52 countries, world leader in pioneering Third Millennium technologies such as fully dysfunctional machinery, cosmic therapy, repackaging and ADS (Advanced Disinformation Systems).

Follow Bonk Business Inc.’s progress from the early days and the discovery of garum, or Baltic anchovy oil, which powers all Bonk machines, to later inventions such as the paranormal “mind reading” cannon and eventually the company’s move to America, the land of opportunities, to achieve multinational corporation status.

A hilarious parody of the marketing and advertising cliches of our age, the Bonk Museum is great fun – typically Finnish in its dry sense of humour, thought provoking and definitely worth a visit.

Written by - Photo by Marie Peyre

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