Spam Museum, Minnesota

Photo © rayb777

No, this is not a tribute to junk email… though imagine what a colourful museum that would be. It’s a celebration of everybody’s favourite canned meat. Well, OK not everybody’s; or indeed many people, other than pensioners.

You might wonder how these hammy off-pink bricks could fill a whole 16,500-square-foot exhibition, but the Spam Museum has a long story to tell. In fact, it modestly calls Spam, ‘the cradle of civilisation.’

Created at Hormel Foods Corp in 1937, Spam was a wartime staple, pop culture icon and American institution. And the museum lists a legion of famous fans, including Dwight Eisenhower, Maggie Thatcher and Monty Python, who had Vikings quite literally sing its praises in the 70s.

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