Southwold Pier, England

Southwold Pier, England © Martin Pettitt

Forget dodgems, doughnuts and bingo. It’s bizarre examinations, exploration and even a cheeky touch up that are on offer at England’s Southwold Pier.

A room with Tim Hunkin‘s unique slot machines provides funny interactive experiences including a two-minute holiday in an armchair, getting fit by lying in a bed and watching Jane Fonda, and being professionally frisked by a pair of rubber gloves on robotic arms.

One of the favourite machines is the Bathyscape, a pretend submarine that delves under the pier to discover ‘executive fish’ in their retirement rocks and paparazzi chasing Robert Maxwell.

This kooky pier – with its contemporary metalwork, water-powered clock and Quantum Tunnelling Telescope – was reopened in 2001 after a storm in 1979 reduced it to just 60ft.

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