Sala Keoku sculpture park, Thailand

Photo © In Memoriam Luang Pu

A massive and terrifying seven headed snake rears its heads above the trees, mouths open, fangs bared, forked tongues extended, ready to strike. Luckily, it’s made of stone and unable to move. A statue of Buddha, incongruously serene, meditates beneath the monster.

Sala Keoku (or Wat Kaek as it’s also known) is a sculpture park near to Nong Khai, Thailand. It contains hundreds of these magnificent concrete creations, all based on Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

The park was conceived by a Laotian, Luang Sulilat, a cult leader and spiritual guru. Construction began in 1978 and continued for 20 years. When Sulilat died in 1996, his body was mummified and is now on display in the pavilion at Sala Keoku. According to his disciples, his hair is still growing.

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