Ras Tafari’s Toilet, Ethiopia

Ras Tafari’s Toilet, Ethiopia © Justin Ames

For anyone who has ever had a rasta moment, visiting the toilet of Haile Salassie, or Jah, as he is known to his Rastafarian worshippers, is something of a pilgrimage.

Haile Salassie, or Ras Tafari, was emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974 and, if legends are to be believed, a descendent of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba.

Tucked away in a corner of the Ethnological Museum in Addis Ababa, formerly Salassie’s palace, you can find his living quarters.

Perfectly preserved and lovingly protected, the baby-blue toilet sits in a grand art-deco bathroom, clearly showing the occupying Italian’s influences during Salassie’s reign.

It is also where this “King of Kings” relieved himself every day.

The only down point is that the visitor cannot pay homage and do the same.

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