Perky’s Bat Tower, Florida

Perky's Bat Tower © Marie Peyre

This curious tower on Sugarloaf Key was erected by a local property developer intent on getting rid of the mosquitoes that plagued the area back in 1929.

Fishing lodge owner Richter Clyde Perky had a simple idea in mind when he decided to build the tower that now bears his name: bring in bats, which naturally feed on mosquitoes, to get rid of the pests once and for all.

But the bats didn’t stay. In fact they all took off on the very day Perky brought them to the tower, never to be seen again. The 30-feet-high tower, though, remained.

Entirely made of wood, it features plywood panels arranged in a ribbed, accordion-like pattern, to allow the bats to crawl up inside. You will find the tower about a mile west of MM17 on US Highway 1, along a dust road (no signposts).

Written by - Photo by Marie Peyre

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