Mud volcano, Colombia

Mud Volcano © Richard Ramos

Jump into the crater, slather yourself with warm mud and enjoy a slithery massage in one of Colombia’s quirkiest attractions, the Totumo mud volcano.

This mini volcano, near Cartagena, rises just 15m high although its gloopy contents extend far below the surface. The mud that congeals on the surface is dense enough that you won’t sink too far, and you can wallow in mineral-rich dirt like a contented hippo.

The volcano is formed by natural gases that force mud over ground. So expect a stream of sulphurous bubbles to burst with satisfied belches all around you.

The creamy mud is rich in skin-friendly minerals, and despite appearances has deep-cleansing qualities. And when you totter out looking like a swamp creature, attendants are on hand to scrub you in the adjacent river.

Written by - Photo by Richard Ramos

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