Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

Photo © Christian Von Wissel

About eight hours drive north of Mexico City, nestled underneath the mountain town of Xilitla is a palace garden known as Las Pozas.

The brainchild of English eccentric, Edward James, who began building in the 60s, Las Pozas is a collection of surrealist structures, palaces and sculptures, set around a series of waterfalls and crystal pools in the rainforest.

This is architectural lunacy on grand scale. You could spend a day here getting lost in the labyrinth of paths that weave through the estate: clambering up spiral staircases that lead to the sky, contemplating the “House with a Roof like a Whale”, admiring giant psychedelic concrete flowers, discovering hobbit doorways in the middle of the jungle and trying (probably unsuccessfully) to fathom the meaning of surrealism.

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