Kiddy Land, Tokyo

Photo © Danny Choo

For fans of all things kawaii, Kiddy Land in Tokyo is the ultimate pilgrimage. Six floors of cutesy excess await children and adults alike, offering toys, character merchandise, stickers and accessories.

In its six decades, this shop has morphed from a humble bookshop to a Japanese institution worthy of serious browsing time. From Spiderman, Snoopy, Barbie to Hello Kitty, you’ll be hard pushed to find a toy that isn’t stocked here.

Rumour has it that Angelina Jolie picked up another baby here (well, of the crawling toy variety) and Victoria Beckham added to her lavish accessories collection with a character umbrella.

If you’re still unsure, maybe the store’s promise to help “keep your mind, body and soul youthful, now and forever” will tempt you.

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