Dennis Severs’ House, London

Photo © Amanda Slater

The glimmering lantern and wooden shutters go unnoticed outside this Georgian house in Spitalfields, but inside lies a remarkable time capsule in 18th-century domestic detail.

It’s not a museum though; this is a historic installation crammed with everyday objects and décor as if a Georgian family still lives there. Food is half eaten on plates, cups of tea sit steaming on tables and with sounds of voices, clocks ticking and carriages passing outside, the house comes alive. Monday’s ‘Silent Night’ experience is especially atmospheric, with real fires and candles in every room.

The house’s creator, Dennis Severs, furnished and lived in the house from 1979 to1999, and described it as “Still Life Drama”. Bizarrely, the house is still occupied by a local eccentric and Madge, the black cat.

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