Cine Dore, Madrid

Cine Dore, Madrid © Kelly Dennett

Nestled between a small fresh food market and some local nondescript cafes in Madrid’s Anton Martin district is a small 1912 theatre with a hundred years’ worth of world cinema history packed into it.

The faithfully restored Cine Dore is a film lover’s paradise – both a working cinema and screening room for the adjoining national film library. From Tuesday to Sunday as many as four films are played per night for as little as two euro fifty.

Films range from old black and white gems to new world cinema in a variety of languages.

Opening at 5.30pm, the box office queue wraps around the block so be sure to get there early. You’ll find it on Calle Santa Isabel, near the Anton Martin metro station.

A full programme can be found on their website.

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by Kelly Dennett

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