Cat City, Borneo


Borneo’s ‘Cat City’ Kuching is just the place for fun: its quirky Cat Museum is filled with all things feline and statue dedications to the almighty kitty are perfect fodder for travel pics.

But if cats aren’t your thing, don’t fret – Kuching is a charming city with heaps of unusual things to do, most of them cheap to boot. Head just out of town to the Wind and Fairy Caves for some seriously pitch black caving (bring your own torch if you actually want to see anything), or to Semenggoh to see semi-wild Orang-utans posing knowingly for the cameras.

And if you love world music Kuching may be your cup of tea, with The Rainforest Music Festival bringing in world music lovers from everywhere, grooving to beats in a beautiful ancient rainforest setting.

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