‘s Baggers, Germany

`s Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany © 's Baggers

Nuremberg’s popular ‘s Baggers restaurant provides a dining experience with a difference. Ordered by touchscreen, freshly prepared meals and drinks are transported to tables by looping and intertwining metallic tracks from above.

The whole dining experience is futuristic, but with a cheerful atmosphere and friendly staff. Everything is freshly prepared, and there’s a new menu each week.

‘s Baggers has overtaken service and self-service restaurants to offer a state-of-the-art experience. Before placing your order, you can read about their suppliers, the concept of the restaurant or their ‘bonus system’. You can check out what other guests have ordered and, after dinner, can evaluate the meals, service and ambience of the restaurant, or even recommend it to others via email or SMS!

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by 's Baggers

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