Fireball swinging at the Stonehaven New Year's celebrations © Chia Lynn

Great balls of fire, Scotland

Take that, health and safety people! Another foolhardy British tradition – this time with huge fireballs and a whole lot of flammable kilts – lives on.

Scarborough beach football match between the fishermen and firemen on Boxing Day © myrddrr

Comedy football match, England

A festive fancy dress football match between fishermen and fireman in Scarborough, with a dunking for the losers.

Burning tar barrels are carried on the heads of villagers in Allendale, Northumberland on New Year's Eve © Buachallbo/Michael Hanley

Tar barrels parade, England

The brave villagers of Allendale in Northumberland celebrate New Year with some rather spectacular headgear.

Barrel rolling takes place in Grantchester, near Cambridge, every Boxing Day © Franschhoek Wine Valley

Grantchester barrel rolling, England

This sleepy little Cambridgeshire village barrels into life on Boxing Day.

The Marshfield Paper Boys dress in recycled newspaper and perform a mummers play on Boxing Day, in Gloucestershire © Helen Parker

Marshfield Paper Boys, England

Well, that’s one way to recycle your newspapers! This shaggy Gloucestershire mummers troupe is famous for its quirky Boxing Day performance.

Star gazy pie is especially popular on Tom Bawcock's Eve in Mousehole, Cornwall © Simon Rudkin

Tom Bawcock’s Eve, Cornwall

A celebration of one long-dead fisherman and the rather peculiar, not to mention unnerving, ‘star gazy pie’.

The Uppies and Doonies compete in the New Year's Ba' game, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands © joeri-c

Uppies and Doonies, Scotland

Now this crazy game of mass street ball is the way to keep warm over Christmas and New Year!

Brighton's Burning of the Clocks parade takes place annually on December 21st © Dominic Alves

Burning the Clocks, Brighton

Homemade lanterns and costumes all go up in flames in this singular seaside parade.

Drag queen drop, Florida © Sandwich Girl

Drag queen drop, Florida

If you find yourself in Key West on December 31st be sure to take an umbrella, because it’s gonna start raining men.

Photo © Drew Leavy

Night of the Radishes, Mexico

When most of us are wrapping presents, slurping mulled wine and hanging tinsel, the residents of Oaxaca City are busy carving radishes.


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