An elephant painting at Surin Elephant Festival, Thailand © How3ird

Elephant Roundup, Thailand

The largest living land animal playing football, running races, painting and re-enacting battles.

Photo © Gina Smith

Monkey Buffet, Thailand

The Lop Buri Monkey Festival sees a fabulous monkey feast laid out by the Khmer temple for the lucky primates.

Photo © Micha L. Rieser

Turnip Festival, Switzerland

Pumpkins, schmumkins. If you think carving Halloween squashes takes skill, just wait till you see what these villagers can do with a turnip.

Fermented fish festival, Norway ©

Fermented fish festival, Norway

Fermented fish (a Norwegian speciality that’s not for the squeamish) is so popular it has its own festival.

Photo © Dominic Alves

Lewes bonfire night, England

Gordon Brown. Osama Bin Laden. Anne Robinson. James Hewitt. Nelson. The Pope. What do all these household names have in common?

Photo © Ottery Carnival Committee

Flaming tar barrels, England

Guy Fawkes Night is already a strange UK celebration, but Ottery St Mary folk clearly felt its quirkiness needed a boost.

Camel Racing, Dubai - Photo © Sahara uiak

Camel racing, Dubai

Watching these gangly mammals drop their usual leisurely pace and gallop surprisingly fast is something not to miss when visiting Dubai.


Lying competition, England

If your nose is growing to Pinocchio-like proportions, then fib your way over to Cumbria in November for your chance to be crowned the World’s Biggest Liar.


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