Chaps’ Olympiad, London © Conrad Chua

Chaps’ Olympiad, London

An Olympiad for the ‘immaculate of trouser, the frail of form and the fearful of sport.’

Photo © Shawn Perez

Boryeong mud festival, South Korea

Unleash your inner swamp monster while ironing out some wrinkles at one of South Korea’s biggest festivals.

World Bodypainting Festival, Austria © Silvia Wabnitz

World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

If the alien cast of Star Trek were to walk through this cult festival in their underwear, nobody would bat an eyelid.

Photo © Mark Goble

July Christmas, Australia

Snow is falling, carols are playing, the log fire’s blazing and the turkey’s in the oven. It seems like a picture perfect Christmas, except one thing: it’s July.

Wife carrying, Finland © Peter Oelschlaeger

Wife carrying, Finland

Wives at the ready! This quirky event involves men carrying wives over a 253.5m obstacle course.


Flitch Trials, Essex

This centuries-old contest for married couples lends a whole new meaning to the phrase bringing home the bacon.

The Redneck Games, USA © James Emery

The Redneck Games, USA

With tongue firmly placed in cheek, the folks of East Dublin in Georgia decided to create an annual celebration of all things trailer trash.


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