Photo © Seraphin L.

Kirkpinar oil wrestling, Turkey

The greasy grapplings of this olive oil wrestling festival are the world’s oldest continuous annual sporting event.

Toe Wrestling, England © Sarah G.

Toe Wrestling, England

If arm wrestling isn’t your thing, try pitting your toes against the best Britain has to offer.

Photo © R. Steven Rainwater

Solar car race, Cyprus

Budding engineers and curious bystanders are all welcome to witness the Cyprus Institute Solar Car Challenge.


Arizkun festival, Spain

On midsummer night, the Basque village of Arizkun is the place to be: that is if you fancy running along the streets and jumping over more than 20 bonfires.


Phallic cakes, Portugal

Pick up a sugar-drizzled pastry shaped into a proudly erect penis, and present it to the object of your affection during Amarante’s Festa de São Gonçalo.

St John’s Festival, Portugal © Porto City Council

St John’s Festival, Portugal

Arm yourself with a squeaky rubber mallet and head to Porto for some serious head-whacking.

Nettle Eating Competition © Girl Interrupted Eating

Nettle-eating contest, England

There’s quirky, there’s brave and there’s just plain foolhardy. And this oddball event in southwest England definitely rates among the latter.


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