Photo © Colin Cameron

Cow painting festival, Luxembourg

Kaleidoscopic farm animals? Why it’s every summer’s essential.

Photo © Stealth3327

Festival of the Steel Phallus, Japan

This traditional Shinto fertility festival comes to a head on the first weekend of April.

Photo © Monica Moritz

Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic, USA

Every April, the worlds of snow mobile and ski enthusiasts collide (quite literally) in this mad event.

Photo © wobbler101

Easter bottle kicking, England

Need an outlet for your Easter sugar rush? Then join in this peculiar annual melee of bottle kicking in Leicestershire.


Bun Pi Mai, Laos

While thousands flock to Bangkok for the Songkran splash-fest, those travellers who prefer quirkier and longer-lasting New Year’s celebrations should head for Laos.


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