World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

If the alien cast of Star Trek were to walk through this festival in their underwear, nobody would bat an eyelid.

In fact they would be quite conservatively made up in comparison to other attendees, because this is the fancy dress party to end them all.

The World Bodypainting Festival, 1-7 July, sees artists in bodypainting, special effects and make-up all descend on the small town of Seeboden in southern Austria to create the most outlandish and daring living works of art they can dream up.

Expect human spiders, fluorescent odes to Disney, snake-draped medusas, and well…exceptionally few clothes.

The festival hosts workshops, concerts, awards, night-time fluorescent bodypainting and a lavish fantasy ball in a 14th century castle.

Written by - Photo by Silvia Wabnitz

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