Marmitako Competition, Spain

Marmitako Competition, Spain ©

How would you celebrate the Feast of the Assumption? Does an all-nighter followed by an enormous cooking contest appeal? If so, then get down to Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, in mid-August.

Those energetic enough head straight to the seafront when the clubs close at 7am. They’re soon joined by hundreds of families and groups of friends, eagerly setting up makeshift kitchens.

The task? To make the best Marmitako imaginable (a traditional Basque stew with potatoes, tuna and peppers). Even if you don’t participate, a stroll around the different stalls to soak up the excitement is well worth it.

After hours of cooking, drinking and merriment the judging begins. Winners take home a cash prize and, most importantly, the glory of being crowned Castro’s top Marmita chef.

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