La Tomatina, Spain


If you are ever free on the last Wednesday of August, head to Buñol, Spain, and pelt the tourists with plenty of tomatoes.

That’s the whole point of La Tomatina – the world’s messiest tomato fight. Between 20,000 and 50,000 fun-lovers descend on the small town every year to splatter each other with over 100 tonnes of the red fruit.

First, someone must reach a ham at the top of a 12ft greased pole. Then the pulpy carnage can begin. It ends with cannon fire an hour later, when the fire trucks start the clean-up operation.

Many people think this started in 1945, with teenagers hurling tomatoes during a town parade.

It’s now part of a week-long celebration that features bands, fireworks and dancing with fellow tomato-throwers.

Written by - Photo by Graham McLellan

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