Kaiju Big Battel, USA

Kaiju Big Battel

Monster lovers, maniacs and anime geeks – this is the spectator sport for you. Billed as, ‘the world’s only live, monster fighting spectacle,’ Kaiju Big Battel puts colossal city-crushing bugs and aliens together in the ring and tries to save Planet Earth from their destructive squabbles in the process.

It is essentially a tongue-in-cheek cross between pro-wrestling, Japanese monster movies and comic book culture. The 30 or so competitors have names like Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, sea monster DW Cycloptopuss and the infamous Dr Cube, a Nazi experiment turned plastic surgeon.

Run by Boston-based Studio Kaiju, the battles began in 1996 and now pop up in various US cities. You can keep track through their Facebook fansite, or main website.

Written by - Photo by Miriam Magnet

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