‘Home Sweet Home’ live installation, England

Photo © HSH Communities Limited

Is it art? Theatre? Or a model village gone berserk?

Home Sweet Home, which travels from place to place, starts with a huge street map on the floor. You turn up, select a miniature cardboard flatpack home, erect it on your chosen plot and customize it any way you like with card, glitter, plasticine…

A colourful, quirky town starts to mushroom with wacky extensions, Liquorice Allsorts walls, houseboats, a ghostbusters business, a rocket house advertising trips to the moon…

The Residents Radio blasts out local news and requested tunes, a postman collects and delivers letters and messages are posted on the community notice board. Maybe you’ll get an invitation to your neighbours’ pool party? Join the campaign to close the brothel? Or stand for the local council?

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